Imagine, innovate, invent and discover; go forward faster, better, more decisive and ready. Ploughing ahead, without blocking the flow, instead riding and dominating the wave of the times we live in.

Our ability to identify the absolute possible limit, using know-how that goes beyond the issue by defining the solution. A solution which constantly improves, that knows how to change and respond effectively to all types of requirements, in a remarkable way, to achieve complete satisfaction.

Dibieffe treats each individual commission like an open road, where variable opportunities intersect and change, constantly in flux ; with no limiting obstacles, overlaps, delays or mistakes .

WHEN THERE'S LESS AND LESS TIME TO DO, DIBIEFFE KNOWS WE NEED TO DO MORE,manage to go beyond, and know how to adapt. It's a SIMPLE AND DIRECT ROUTEthat leaves behind complications, solving them with practicality, a number of well-measured moments, without interupting the planning of any commission instead coordinating it and bringing it to completion. Concentration, critical analysis, determination and foresight bring every project to fruition, through ingenuity and the pursuit of a true WINNING STRATEGY.


Dibieffe has heard many stories, but only one has given rise to its success and its admirable progress. It's the story of a company that spans several generations, growing and progressing at the rate of the modern world. It's the story of a company founded on the assertion and criterion of quality. Three decades' worth of parallel and complementary skills, from which the intention to be exceptional emerges. Dibieffe is an enterprise which is extremely interested in all projects, we willingly study each commission in depth, allowing us to be very sure of our choices: the service we offer makes us stand out AMONG THE PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SPACES WE CREATE, embellishing the images of IMPORTANT HOMES AND RESIDENCES, HIGHLY PRESTIGIOUS BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENTS AND PRECIOUS STRUCTURES.

In the landscape of the contemporary world, Dibieffe knows how to observe, understand, act, and provide, to ensure that that which is so longed for, is both sought and found. IT'S A PLACE TO BE EXPERIENCED IN PERSON, AS IDEAL AS THE CONCEPT OF A FANTASY OBJECT: like a magnificent table or beautiful wardrobe that takes on a body and soul, bringing the design to a tangible reality.

DARING, STUDY, PRACTISE and perseverance have characterised our company, leading to the carrying out of special projects, by laying down PARAMETERS, RHYTHMS AND POSITIVE UNIONS.

First of all are our internal carpentry assets, added to our profound knowledge of the trade and our reknowned technical engineering staff. Also important are our distribution of designer brands and prestigious lines, our validated business network and the functional organization of a strong open mind. In Italy and abroad, Dibieffe has come up with an innovative and knowledgeable approach, dynamically progressing to reach where others hardly dare: ALWAYS RESPECTING AGREED COSTS AND TIMES, AS WELL AS TRANSPARENCY, FOR TOTAL PROFESSIONALISM.

From the largest retailers to the largest vessel, Dibieffe is well aquainted with the need for continuous research, revelling in crossing sectorial boundaries. Regardless of the context, our company's promise is the belief in a COMPLETE SERVICE, WHICH PROVIDES EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING WITH WHAT THEY NEED. From the design phase to the production stage, we have indispensable standards: the proactive viability of our technical office, the proven precision of our fitters and workers, the creative harmony of our consultants and professionals, the availability and the assistance from a single source, our company. FROM THE SMALLEST TO THE BIGGEST PROJECT DIBIEFFE DELIVERS UNDISPUTED EFFICIENCY AND FLEXIBILITY.



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